Joy Lough taught an educational workshop series titled “Land the Job” which was hosted by Women’s Resource Center in Alamance County. This series provided 17 women with clear instruction and thoughtful, well presented ideas on resume writing, mock interviews, and job search strategies.

Joy is a seasoned Human Resource professional willing to educate through her passion for women in our community. She is polished and skilled in her presentation style encouraging client interaction throughout. Her workshops are lively, engaging and our client feedback has been positive.

We consider Joy Lough Enterprises as a community partner helping the Women’s Resource Center in Alamance County provide services to our clients which can be life changing.

Susan Watson, Executive Director

Dr. Joy is your one stop shopping genius. She knows exactly what she's talking about. She also loves what she does. Dr. Joy has your back in every way possible. Give it to her and allow her to work her magic. K.D.

Joy Lough is a very thorough and insightful consultant and motivator in general. In addition to her extraordinary business acumen and expertise concerning professional endeavors; Joy has a passion for helping people to achieve their professional goals. I have attended Joy's workshop concerning business start-up, and learned many valuable nuggets concerning being successful in becoming an entrepreneur. Utilizing Joy's principles, wisdom, and sound advice, I highly recommend her services. C. Crouch

Dr. Joy is a pleasure to work with, she is very professional and detail oriented. She will bring out the best in you and will encourage and teach you until the completion of your goal. In today's society we don't find many like Dr. Joy who are as compassionate and enthusiastic about working with others and encouraging them to chase their dreams. If you ever have the opportunity to work with her be prepared to be amazed with her depth of knowledge and her interest to ensure your project is successful. I would definitely highly recommend Dr.Joy if you want a successful outcome to your goals.

T. Reynolds

Professor -

I want to thank you for everything - your patience and your endless communication. All in all, this was actually a really great class and I really did learn a lot, so thank you. I wish you blessings in life and in all your future endeavors.


Dr. Lough,

I have thoroughly enjoyed your class and I gained lots of knowledge. Thank you for being very supportive to all your students. I’m going to miss this class.


Dr. Joy is very professional, transparent, and believes in serving the community. I would highly recommend Joy to speak or teach because she cares about people. She does not just talk the talk but walks the walk. Recently, Dr. Joy spoke at the Willow Oaks-"Let's Get Inspired Forum" on Domestic Violence. The audience was pleased and asked her to come back in the future. She is a true example of one who is willing to stand up for those in need. She will go on to do great things! Dr. B. Michelle Lucas-Patrick Willow Oaks Neighborhood Association -President

Joy did a fabulous job of giving my 4 year old resume life !. She was very communicative and open minded We drafted a couple of copies before reaching the ultimate goal of highlighting my instructor and career coaching skills that will catch a recruiters eye . I strongly recommend Joy to care for your career readiness and resume writing needs. P.Phyllips

Dr. Lough, you've been a great instructor. Thank you.