Other Workshops/Seminars

Tears of Joy
Length: 45 minutes
Description:  Joy talks about her book "Tears of Joy" 

Just Me
Length: 45 minutes
Description: Joy talks about being a single mother of both a boy and a girl

The Blessing of a Mother
Length: 45 minutes
Description: The importance of communication and spending time with your children

Lets talk about it!
Length: varies from 45minutes to 1 hour 30 minutes
Description:  Open discussion with children - middle school and high school - addressing subjects such as bullying, the importance of being true to yourself, abuse

Also check out www.andersonbsc.com for business seminars that include topics/subjects such as:

Leadership        45 minutes
Management     45 minutes
Motivation        45 minutes

To book Joy for an event please contact info@joylough.com